Are Co-Managed IT Services Right for Your Business?


In our previous blog post, Co-Managed IT Services: Optimal IT Management, we presented co-managed IT services as an option beyond fully managed services but as a supportive solution. In this blog, we will dive deep into the factors to identify if your business needs co-managed IT. 

What are Co-Managed IT Services?  

Co-managed IT services aim to alleviate the burden on your internal IT team by providing additional support. From an outsourced and experienced provider like iTBlueprint. Unlike fully managed IT services, which take over all IT responsibilities, co-managed IT works alongside your internal team to fill in the gaps and enhance their efforts. Whether in specific departments or with certain tasks. Additionally, co-managed IT improves the team results, helping your employees to focus on critical tasks on their projects while we keep watch, control, and debug systems proactively and in case of incident alerts. 

Signs Your Business Might Need Co-Managed IT: 

Struggling with an overwhelmed in-house IT team? Your internal IT staff is essential for your organization’s operations, but if they’re constantly overworked and struggling to keep up with demands, co-managed IT services could provide the relief they need. By partnering with an IT service provider, you can alleviate the pressure on your internal team, allowing them to focus on critical tasks while ensuring your IT needs are met. 

Facing extensive downtime and disruptions?  Downtime can be costly and stressful for any business. If your organization is experiencing frequent interruptions, your IT staff may need additional support to cope. An MSP aids by diligently monitoring your systems, proactively pinpointing potential issues, and promptly addressing them. This approach minimizes downtime and disruptions, effectively reducing incident probability and associated costs. 

Consistently missing project deadlines? Your IT team plays a crucial role in completing your organization’s projects, but if they’re struggling to meet deadlines, it could indicate a need for additional support. Partnering with an IT service provider can offer your team the resources and tools they need to stay on track and ensure timely project completion. Helping your organization achieve its business objectives. 

Lacking adequate tools and resources? Your internal IT team is responsible for keeping your organization’s IT systems running smoothly, but they may face challenges without the right tools and resources. In such cases, co-managed IT services can be beneficial. An IT service provider like iTBlueprint can equip your team with the necessary and best options of programs and systems, enabling them to work more efficiently and ensuring your organization runs steadily. 

How iTBlueprint Can Help You:  

As an experienced IT service provider, we offer both fully managed and co-managed IT services to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Our goal is to minimize downtime, streamline processes, and drive growth for our clients. Download our infographicbelow to learn more about the benefits of Co-Managed IT or if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact us today at or


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