Building a Better IT Team from the Inside Out


Businesses are more dependent on technology every day. With extreme pressure from regulatory, macroeconomic and other critical market forces, organizations of all kinds are taking a closer look at maximizing operational efficiency and effectiveness. Ensuring all your tech—from devices and PCs to network and security—can be an overwhelming, yet crucial part of your business.

Managed services give you the opportunity to hand-off the mundane management and monitoring of your technology to outside experts, therefore investing your time, talents and money into innovating and expanding your business.

A year ago, a lean IT team found ways to manage the occasional vacation or time-off of a member or two. Now lean means emaciated when it comes to missing a member for a week or more. Having to juggle planned time off among staff is hard enough, but are you prepared when the unexpected happens?

Relieving the Burden

Take March of 2020, when the vast majority of companies sent their office teams home and had to quickly manage and support a remote workforce. Unexpected and overwhelming, IT admins were vital links to getting remote workers up and running, while at the same time vetting new tech to enhance collaboration, communication, and a new way of doing business both inside and outside the company.

With so many companies looking to make working from home a permanent thing, the burdens remain. When 65% of your current IT time is spent ‘keeping the lights on’, you’re wasting an opportunity to outsource that work, so that the technology professionals within your organization can use their skills to promote growth.

Whether you’re thinking about augmenting your staff full-time or just to give your in-house team some much-needed time off, iTBlueprint can help.

Put your in-house team to work – If your in-house IT staff is spending their work hours on mundane maintenance and uninspiring upgrades, then you’re wasting your money and the talents of your team. Augmenting your staff with a team to cover all those tasks frees your tech team to work on strategic projects that elevate your business’s ability to innovate. Managed services help you better utilize individuals’ IT talents, increasing operational efficiency and decreasing employee turnover.

Control IT costs Outsourcing converts fixed IT costs into variable costs and allows you to budget effectively. In other words, only pay for what you use when you need it. Need someone to cover a vacation or medical leave? Remove the risk of being short staffed with a skilled professional, without having to include bonuses and benefits in the package.

Expand your skill set – iTBlueprint offers a variety of skill-level experts to expand your ability to get IT done. From generalists who can manage your day-to-day technology needs to certified specialists in storage, networking and security to tackle your big jobs, we can fill in the gaps or enhance your reach.

Increase efficiency – The iTBlueprint Managed Services team has seen it all. You can benefit from our wealth of experience to eliminate overlap, get more out of your technology and drive efficiency. We can even absorb members of your team into ours to provide a higher level of services.

Dust your competition – Augmenting your staff with certified experts can help you not only overcome business challenges, but also help you drive seamless growth and unlock new opportunities to easily get ahead of the crowded competition pool.

Improve Not Replace
We’re not trying to replace your team. We here to take the care of the mundane everyday tasks that slow your team down. Think of it like having a housekeeper come in once a week. They’re not replacing you or making your home their home. Instead, they’re giving you back hours every week to spend on things that are more fun than dusting and vacuuming. iTBlueprint also offers specialized services and support to reinforce your team’s talents. Think of it as paying for part of a specialist, the best part.

Managed services are a way to help your IT team reprioritize its role. By outsourcing the more technical tasks, your IT team will have the opportunity to create more strategic value with your company’s technology.


Team Builder
iTBlueprint’s fully managed services can be customized to suit your organization’s needs, no matter how big or small. We can manage both your onsite and remote servers and storage, monitor all components and security and support your remote workforce.

Call us at (855) 680-4508 to see how we can make your team and business stronger from the inside out.

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