iTBlueprint Helps Government Agency Reduce Spend and Increase Innovation


Are you still manually managing your email? Like a lot of organizations in 2021, one city government agency found it hard to move past the mundane management of their email systems. Not only was this costing them time and resources, but it was affecting their bottom line. The organization reached out to iTBlueprint to help them gain a clear view into their actual spend and how automating the management of their email could enhance their technology ROI.


iTBlueprint engineers conducted a free Microsoft Assessment to discover the gaps in how they were managing their email. What they learned was that there was a better way for the city agency to manage Microsoft Exchange, their Microsoft licensing, and their organization.


Microsoft 365 suite of apps help teams connect, collaborate, and get things done. That includes simplifying license management, to give the agency’s IT team the freedom to focus on driving innovation. 

The iTBlueprint team conducted an inventory of the agency’s assets—inventory and what systems were doing currently—and calculated how those assets mapped back to workloads and apps. This evaluation made it possible to determine the most efficient and cost-effective path to cloud. The information revealed in this evaluation also helped the managers get buy-in from senior leadership with greater predictability in setting up budgets for the year.

As a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP), iTBlueprint also provided the agency with their unique blend of services with a hands-on licensing management offering that enabled the in-house staff to easily change licensing and get new products when they need them. With this kind of adaptability, the organization was able to pay as they go, alleviating inaccurate licensing estimation that were adding up on unused licenses.

Taking their Microsoft experience one step further, iTBlueprint engineers set up a test group of 60 employees with specific requirements, specifically around data sovereignty, to ensure Microsoft 365 met the necessary compliance requirements. Due to provincial laws for public sector organizations, data must be housed within Canada. With iTBlueprint’s in-country cloud environments, this was a requirement that was easy to ensure.

Thanks to iTBlueprint, this city agency was able to take the next step on their cloud journey, overcoming uncertainty and challenges that were unique to their position as a government entity.