iTBlueprint Helps Legal Firm Along Every Step of the Cloud Journey


One legal services organization was changing its infrastructure and moving to the cloud for increased agility and more effective disaster recovery. Their hopes were to streamline the mundane task of managing their data center by offloading their traditional on-premises apps and tools, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), to a secure cloud. They also wanted to refresh their ERP platform by making the move to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

With so much going on, it’s no wonder the legal firm was experiencing some technology headaches. In addition to all the moving pieces along this journey to cloud, their licensing agreement with Microsoft was coming up for renewal which would have them making a 3-year licensing commitment. They felt forced to make a decision and needed some expert advice, so they reached out to iTBlueprint.


iTBlueprint’s Professional Services team conducted a Cloud and Workplace Modernization assessment that helped the legal services organization choose the best public cloud for their needs.

Going with Microsoft Azure, the team supported the organization’s data center migration from on-premises to a public cloud. In addition, as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), iTBlueprint was able to provide the legal firm with options when it came to picking a licensing model that would work for them.



Through the results founds in the Cloud and Workplace Modernization assessment, iTBlueprint was able to provide the organization with options for their public cloud needs and detailed analysis to help the firm’s leadership understand what they were getting for their investment. By moving from a big CapEx bill for their on-premises data center to a scalable cloud, the company was able to more effectively negotiate their budget and allocate for innovation.

With a wealth of experience, process expertise, and Microsoft certifications, iTBlueprint engineers guided the organization’s in-house IT staff through the migration process

When it came to their Microsoft licensing under their Enterprise Agreement, iTBlueprint provided the legal services organization with options that would enable them to only pay for what they used, or planned to use, instead of making a 3-year commitment. The licensing option they chose gave them the freedom to spin up and spin down quickly without overpaying for cloud capacity they weren’t using. This was substantially reflected in their budget and bottom line.

In addition, iTBlueprint Support Services supplemented those the firm received as part of their Microsoft CSP contract. iTBlueprint’s experienced and certified Microsoft support specialists are committed to resolving any issues within hours, not days. With a reputation of solving problems on the first call without escalation, iTBlueprint’s single point of contact ensures users are never lost in a queue or locked into a game of pass.

From assessment and migration to licensing and support, iTBlueprint helped this legal services organization move swiftly and securely to cloud.