Staying Ahead of Disruption with Resiliency

Business Continuity: Staying Ahead of Disruption with Resiliency

For many, business continuity starts and finishes with having a plan to recover from disaster. That’s great if all you have to worry about is a natural disaster or the occasional busted water pipe flooding your data center.

The range of vulnerabilities has expanded as everyday threats, like ransomware, are now the biggest disruptors to business. Instead of looking to merely recover, your survival strategy should instead be focused on business continuity with resilience to strengthen your posture for whatever may come your way.

As veterans in designing and implementing backup systems for our customers, iTBlueprint has researched and evaluated a host of solutions so you only get the best-of-breed for your organization. From a natural disaster to a malicious attack to user error, we help you architect a plan that evolves with you so that no matter what comes, your IT is protected.

5 key elements to helping enhance your resiliency and stay ahead of disruption

1. Know your vulnerabilities
Take the time to realistically assess your enterprise’s vulnerabilities. How much does it cost you when 10% of your staff is out sick? What if that includes your support staff, especially in-house IT resources? That’s just one scenario. Pinpointing your vulnerabilities now means you can remove them or at least have better control over them. Having an assessment done of your infrastructure by an experienced solutions provider, like iTBlueprint, can help you mitigate risks you didn’t even know you have before they become liabilities.

2. Use transformation to support digital workspaces
The technology transformation empowered by the past few years’ events have made digital workspaces the norm for many companies. iTBlueprint can help you support your remote-access workers, help ensure the availability of data and applications, and help you prepare for—and avoid—the next wave of potential disruptions. Together with NetApp, we can empower your workforce to work from anywhere with agility and performance in the cloud or on premises with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and end-user computing (EUC) solutions.

3. Keep every bit of data safe
The backbone of your resiliency begins with protecting what cybercriminals are after—access to your data and applications. Storage is often the most crucial component of application performance. iTBlueprint can help you stay ahead of application performance and availability challenges by rationalizing where your apps and data live and how they can be accessed. With NetApp ONTAP, you can meet the strictest backup and recovery windows, enhance the resilience of your infrastructure; prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, and modification of data; and comply with applicable regulations.

4. Align teams and technology
Business continuity and cybersecurity remain largely in separate silos, but changes in the IT and cyber threat landscapes mean there is an urgent need for organizations to alter their approach to security. Integrating your cybersecurity and business continuity teams can enable you to ensure your incident response and recovery processes are aligned. With greater collaboration, teams can work together more effectively should an event occur.

5. Test your plan
Once in place, test your business continuity plan often. If things continue as they have been for the past 2 years, testing your plan will become a habit as new issues and uncertainties arise. But on the bright side, you should test your business continuity plans once a year.

Empowering dynamic business

As a NetApp Gold Partner, iTBlueprint can help you build a business continuity plan that fits your budget and meets your desired business outcomes. Utilizing NetApp’s leading-edge storage technology to modernize your IT and deliver a seamless data storage and availability experience, you can ensure your data is always on, always available, and easily consumed so your teams can stay connected to critical data and applications, no matter where they are.

iTBlueprint takes data protection a step further with our Managed Data Protection Services. Managing data backup and recovery in-house can become increasingly expensive. That’s why we provide Managed Data Protection Services that empower business agility by helping your access, management, and backup and recovery evolve seamlessly to meet your business’s needs for today and for tomorrow.

We can also rapidly restore your critical core IT functions (AD/file services/domain controllers/networking), business applications, and mail messaging/collaboration tools to get you back on solid ground with our Data Recovery and Restoration Services.

iTBlueprint is here—from helping you set up your business continuity strategy to helping you recover quickly should a disaster strike. Reach out to us today and let’s talk.


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