iTBlueprint Helps Fertilizer Manufacturer Grow to the Cloud


For many businesses, navigating their journey to the cloud can seem like an insurmountable task. One fertilizer manufacturer was struggling with taking the first step, choosing a public cloud that would fit their business’s needs. They knew they wanted a solution that was easy to manage, provided the security they needed to ensure protection and compliance, and one that easily integrated with their ERP system. On top of that, the company was transitioning to being publicly traded, putting even more pressure on them to show SOX and GMP compliance as well as prove adherence to an ensured security framework.


The company had previously partnered with iTBlueprint to help them move to Microsoft 365 and was impressed with the level of experience and the strategic expertise the iTBlueprint team demonstrated. It only made sense to reach out to them again when it came to their cloud transformation journey.

The iTBlueprint team conducted a full Cloud Viability Assessment, evaluating every nuance of the company to help them find the best solution to move everything from on-premises to the cloud. The engineering consultants recommended Microsoft Azure since it would best compliment the company’s business needs now and for their future growth.


Since the company had already invested in Microsoft 365, Azure integrated seamlessly with their current systems and could easily scale with them as the company evolved. If they had chosen the other cloud provider, they would have had to build from scratch which would have cost time and money. iTBlueprint’s team of Microsoft certified and experienced IT specialists helped the company migrate to the cloud quickly so there was no costly downtime for the business.

iTBlueprint’s experienced and certified cloud experts helped them successfully navigate their Azure journey and provided them with a benefit analysis so they could understand their monthly spend, what they get for that and possible upgrades.

iTBlueprint was able to help the fertilizer manufacturer decide on the best cloud path for their business to create a well-integrated solution that delivers on their expectations.