iTBlueprint Helps Government Agency Reduce Spend and Increase Innovation

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Are you still manually managing your email? Like a lot of organizations in 2021, one city government agency found it hard to move past the mundane management of their email systems. Not only was this costing them time and resources, but it was affecting their bottom line. The organization reached out to iTBlueprint to help […]

iTBlueprint Helps Legal Firm Along Every Step of the Cloud Journey

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One legal services organization was changing its infrastructure and moving to the cloud for increased agility and more effective disaster recovery. Their hopes were to streamline the mundane task of managing their data center by offloading their traditional on-premises apps and tools, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), to a secure cloud. They also wanted to […]

iTBlueprint Helps Fertilizer Manufacturer Grow to the Cloud

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For many businesses, navigating their journey to the cloud can seem like an insurmountable task. One fertilizer manufacturer was struggling with taking the first step, choosing a public cloud that would fit their business’s needs. They knew they wanted a solution that was easy to manage, provided the security they needed to ensure protection and […]

iTBlueprint Health Check Uncovers Storage Security Gaps Before It’s Too Late

Ransomware attacks have gotten more sophisticated with hackers focusing on the long game, hiding and ambushing their victims when they feel most protected. That’s what happened to one energy research laboratory. Once the ransomware infiltrated the company’s systems, it sat for days undetected before it was triggered.

Mining Company Unearths Profitable Relationship with iTBlueprint

With locations in some of the most remote regions of North and South America, an international mining company was looking for a technology solution partner who was willing, and able, to make the trek to the Yukon to build out a new array at one of their mine sites. The job was specialized—reliable on-premises storage […]

iTBlueprint Fills In Ransomware Gaps with NetApp Solutions

With a rise in ransomware during the pandemic, we have also seen a rise in organizations that have fallen victim to these attacks. While a large majority of these attacks came via email, through phishing or spoofing internal profiles, other attacks have come through security vulnerabilities in products.